Beef Up Your Garage Safety & Security

We seldom stop to think about how unsafe we really are in our own homes. But danger could be lurking in every room or area of the house, exposing you to risks ranging from health and safety hazards, property damage to home invasion. The garage is no exception.

We have compiled a list of common dangers in the garage and optimal safety and security measures that can help reduce risks and keep you and your property safe.

Common dangers in the garage and how to handle them

Common health and safety risks are just some of the issues you may encounter in the garage. These include:

  • Slips and falls resulting from spillage and clutter 
  • Hazardous materials such as poisons and other chemicals
  • Improper storage of large items, tools and equipment which can cause severe personal injuries or damage to your vehicle
  • Faulty electrical system and improper wiring and cords
  • Malfunctioning, ineffective or insufficient lighting

The best way to handle these risks is by decluttering and organizing your garage space to allow for neat and convenient storage of various items and performing regular maintenance of the electrical system and lighting.

Potential security risks and how to manage them

Your garage could be making you particularly vulnerable to home invasion. The garage can be a prime target of thieves, burglars and intruders looking for an easy point of entry into your home, which is why you need to step up its security. And that’s where simple precautionary measures combined with innovations in security technology come in.

Standard safety & security measures

First, let’s focus on the primary purpose of your garage: to ensure year-round safety and protection of one of your proudest possessions: your car. Some insurance companies even offer special lower policies to clients who store their vehicles in a garage. 

Aside from keeping your car safe from the elements, sunlight and extreme temperatures and keeping its exterior safe from scratches and dings, a garage serves to protect your car from theft and vandalism. 

Simple and effective ways to boost the protection of your garage include:

  • Installing a sturdy garage doors with deadbolt locks
  • Getting a high-quality garage opener with accessories such as a garage door opener remote which you can keep on your possession whenever you leave the house
  • Covering the windows with translucent film which obscures view but lets sunlight in
  • Placing bars over the windows

In addition to these standard precautions which include tending to any breakdowns and malfunctions of the door and garage door opener without delay, there are more tech-savvy ways to keep your garage protected.

And here’s the best part: a safety upgrade doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune, since you needn’t replace the garage door altogether. You can simply have your existing door upgraded by upgrading the garage door opener. For more information on the latest in garage door opener technology, click here.

Advanced safety & security features

Advanced safety features include:

  • Motion detectors: motion sensor technology with automatic lighting which helps prevent trespassing.
  • Automatic timers: this is a particularly practical innovation as it enables you to set the door to close automatically if you are in a hurry or simply forget to close it. You can also disable the garage door opener whenever you are away, such as while at work.
  • Smart phone connection: this technological innovation enables you to control your garage door on the go. State-of-the-art garage openers can be programmed to open automatically or close remotely using nothing but your phone.
  • Security surveillance: a security surveillance system is the ultimate security feature for your property. Security cameras are no longer luxury items. They add an extra level of protection to your garage by deterring criminals, giving you peace of mind.